I’m just not ready


I’m not ready for the school year to end. Nope, definitely not. Yes, I am tired of making lunches and yes, I look forward to not corralling my youngest out the door each morning with threats and bribes, and yes, I’m tired of carrying my son’s backpack to school. BUT. I know darn well that the kids will be complaining about their boredom inside of the first week.

This year, I decided to head things off. On the advice of a friend, I created an activity list and I stuck it to the bulletin board so when either of them whine, “I’m bored!” I can point to the bulletin board without even making eye contact.

I looked online for ideas and created a list of things the kids can do, on their own, to amuse themselves every morning until I finish work (I have implemented some crazy part-time work hours for myself just to stay on track: 5am-10am. Ugh!)

I am hoping that by creating this list and getting up early to stay in my work routine, I will somehow convince myself that I do not have two kids at home with me for the next NINE weeks. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love listening to the bickering, the declarations of boredom or the huffs and sighs when their friends can’t come over to play.

We’re also on a strict budget this summer so we will not be traipsing off to Marineland or Wonderland or Legoland every other day. We’ll be having a good old-fashioned staycation right here in our tiny, postage stamp backyard. So what’s a 5-year-old and 9-year-old to do?  Here are some ideas, if you are in an equally challenging situation:

  • Find boxes in the recycling bin and paint them to make a village
  • Make a bird feeder out of popsicle sticks (and grab some bird seed at the bulk barn)
  • Collect and press flowers to make cards or pictures (but leave my roses in the front garden alone!)
  • Make a tent in the backyard (ideal for tiny, postage stamp backyards)
  • Write and illustrate a book (and then all go together after work to Staples to have it laminated – my personal favourite idea!)
  • Turn sidewalk chalk art into paintings by simply applying a paint brush with water

If all else fails, and they whine anyway, pull out those summer workbooks. My kids LOVE those. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your flask full and nearby.

May the force be with you!